Can you have your cake AND eat it?

In my interactions with business leaders and in my own life, I have seen how the need for constant high performance creates compromises that can negatively impact on wellbeing. This has long been the case and is a chronic issue now. 

As a professional I commit to significant CPD every year, and this year I chose to dedicate a large chunk to a rigorous training programme with The Resilience Engine and the AoEC. After 8 Months in-depth study and practice, with a fabulous cohort of fellow coaches, I now add Accredited Resilience Coach to my list of credentials, and I am delighted.

The programme has allowed me to explore and build an even deeper understanding of the links between performance and wellbeing and the positive impact improved Resilience has on all aspects of life, and integrate it with my other skills and training, which feels really timely. 

What does Resilience mean to you? 

I would say it’s our ability to re-shape and adapt to change.It’s easy to think that resilience is something some people have, and some people don’t. And that is just not true.The great thing is resilience is neither fixed, nor finite.It is dynamic and integrative.It is learnable.We can all learn how to build our own awareness, understanding, capability and capacity for resilience, and help others to do so too. And with that resilience can come a mindset that has a positive effect on clarity of thought, focus, perspective, and creativity. Individually or in a team. So we can have high performance AND improved wellbeing after all. 

Sound interesting? Get in touch for a chat and I’ll share what I’ve learnt.