Encouraging diversity

I wrote recently about the value in learning, both to continuously build our professional skills, and as a key element that supports and enables our resilience. 

The programme I referenced was the qualification programme for #LuminaSpark which I now use in some of my client work.   It’s an excellent psychometric tool that helps us explore our dynamic personality and better understand our behaviours. One aspect that I really like is how it allows us to explore 3 different personas: 

  • Our underlying – when we are at our most natural, and what truly motivates us
  • Our everyday – how we tend to behave, and how others most typically see us
  • Our ‘over-extended’ – the who we are when put under stress, or react to unexpected events 

It’s really useful to be more aware of, and understand how, we show up in differing contexts and also to start to explore and build more conscious choices if we wish. When explored as a team, it allows teams to better understand each other, communicate better, and to work to each members more natural strengths

Lumina integrates the latest psychological research on bias, critical thinking and collaboration. It continues to research to ensure that it is collecting data on diverse populations. Some of my clients help them in their collection of data on neurodiversity, to help individuals and teams understand the value and strengths the neurodiverse bring, and also the simple accommodations that can bring the best out of everyone.

I’m always keen to encourage businesses to remember their staff are human beings, not doings.  Recruiting for talent, rather than perceived team “fit”.  Co-creating an environment that allows everyone to play to their strengths.  Flexing the work environment to create a truly inclusive and collaborative space. It not only encourages greater engagement and helps retain people; it also builds resilience amongst your team and better results. Diversity of skills and outlook helps to build a team to be better placed to respond to the myriad challenges of the modern world and with the resilience to navigate the storms.

How do you make sure your team welcomes diversity, co-creates and allows everyone to thrive?

If you like to explore how you might do this, get in contact.