How do you top up your energy levels?

How do you ensure that you keep topping up your energy levels? We all need to make sure that we’re not draining our reserves without replenishing them. Our ability to adapt to change, re-shape, re-group and bounce back, is significantly affected by our energy reserves. What are you doing to top up your reserves, emotionally, physically, mentally?

Taking “me” time is not selfish, it’s essential to maintain and build your energy levels for resilience. It’s #mentalhealthawareness week and it’s focused on nature this year. I’m a keen gardener and I decompress and recharge my batteries by getting outside, digging in the soil, planting seeds and nurturing them, breathing in the fresh air and revelling in the pure joy of growing food to eat and creating a beautiful space.

However you choose to relax, be it baking, crafts, reading, running, swimming etc. etc. it’s important to carve out time away from your desk and the demands of family life to help maintain and build your resilience. Start small, with a few minutes a day, or put some time into your diary once a week and treat it as an important meeting with yourself, not to be postponed or cancelled.