How much of yourself do you share at work?

When you’re supporting your team through change and transition, you walk with them on the journey at their pace.  As you do this, it’s important to be honest and human. 

If you do not feel able to share your feelings with your team, how can you expect them to be open and honest with themselves and with you?  

You cannot hold the space with someone in your team experiencing an emotional response to a situation or change, if you are unable to go there yourself.

No-one expects leaders to be super-human. We do want them to be human.

Real, authentic managers who lead with empathy and demonstrate vulnerability are better placed to support their teams through change and challenges.

Do you allow yourself to do this in the workplace?

Reflect on whether you are hiding too much of yourself below the waterline. 

Allow your team to see and hear the real you.  

You’ll find that you build better rapport, deeper engagement and will have more productive team relationships.

If you are not sure how to do this, then reach out