Let’s celebrate difference

A different way of approaching a problem often triggers a creative solution, drives innovation, breathes new life into a tired process.

It’s human nature to find your tribe and stick with it. Challenge and divergence of views can sometimes make us uncomfortable. Yet, by taking this approach you miss out a lot of talent that does not conform to “traditional” norms. 
Encouraging diversity and inclusion within your team encompasses more than sex and ethnicity, are you ensuring neurodiversity is represented as well?

It is estimated that 1 in 7 people in the UK are neurodiverse, with 90% of those who are differently abled being invisible. 
Many companies are now actively recruiting neurodiverse candidates because of the invaluable contribution that they can make to the workplace. 

Have you woken up to this pool of talent? 

Next week is Neurodiversity celebration week – and I invite you to do more than just celebrate.
Make a plan to recruit and develop those who will make an extraordinary contribution to your business