Notice, Acknowledge and Celebrate

The daffodils are opening. Snowdrops, crocuses and catkins are bursting forth. Spring hasn’t quite ‘sprung’ yet, but it is on its way. The days are lengthening, the temperatures rising, the birds are starting to build their nests. Take a few minutes to notice what is happening all around you.
Notice how this shifts how you are feeling? How your people are feeling?
What can you acknowledge right now?
What can you appreciate about the achievements of the last, dark few months?
What can you look forward to over the next few months?
Let’s pay attention to the small subtle changes, the signs of growth and the small green shoots. Let’s celebrate what has been achieved so far.
We are a long way from the bounty and richness of Summer, and we are on track.
It is important to mark the changes and appreciate all that has been done to get here, and to resource where we are going.
Good leadership notices, acknowledges and celebrates each step of the journey, marks the progress forward, and encourages everyone to keep going.
What can you appreciate about your business and your people today?