Refresh, renew, reset.

One of my core personal principles is lifelong learning, and as a professional coach I both relish and appreciate the requirement for continuous professional development (CPD). Each year I think about what areas I want to focus on; what new skills I want to build, where I feel I want to refresh and renew, what new ideas are piquing my interest. I always leave space for spontaneous events and activities and look to block some chunks of ‘serious’ endeavour too.

At the start of 2023 I undertook a training and accreditation in a new (to me) psychometric tool. It was a significant piece of learning – stretched me out of my comfort zones at times with its rigour and detail, broadened my perspectives, excited my imagination, consolidated other knowledge and experiences, and has increased my skills.

It has broadened my awareness of my own styles, habits, and preferences, and helped me explore how to work with and through them. It has also given me more insights into how to work even more effectively with others who may be very different to me. Where I may have had blind spots and where I may want to re-think and flex my approach with others.

The psychometric is called Lumina Spark, and I am now an accredited practitioner.

It will become my ‘psychometric of choice’ where appropriate with clients in the future. 

If you are curious, I will be happy to discuss it further with you, as part of any coaching programme. I will write more on this over the next few weeks

As someone who works with resilience, I know the value of learning as a key that helps resource and refresh us.

I found my learning has boosted my resilience and refreshed my energy levels. 

How do you plan to develop yourself this year?