Resilience and the impact of beliefs

To improve understanding of, create awareness of and then help build and strengthen someone’s resilience, The Resilience Engine® (The Resilience Engine) suggests there are 3 core areas for the coach and client to explore:
the client’s external goal focus,
their adaptive capacity, and
their own internal resources.
Each area is important in its own right, and also in how they interact and work with each other.
Having explored the client’s current and typical resilience levels, I often start with their own internal resources. There are many aspects within this, one of which is their own belief system.

We’ve all suffered from Imposter syndrome and allowed self-doubt and negative thinking to invade our thoughts at times. And for some people, it has become a chronic pattern that they become stuck in, and which significantly impacts their resilience. 

Awareness is an important first step, but it is not enough to help us shift into a sustainably resourceful space.

A resilience coach is trained to help you navigate the other steps towards achieving the resilience levels you desire