Take stock and plan your next move

I love Autumn. 

It’s a time for harvesting, collecting, processing and consolidating. That’s what I’m doing in my garden as I prepare for winter – I’m looking at what went well this year, starting to think about what I will grow next year and preparing the ground.
It’s not hard to see where my analogy is going.
I’m finding that my clients are taking stock too and making plans. As with mulching and ploughing though, this is the time to slow down and be thorough – to dig deep to find the nutrients.
Rather than rush headlong into the next big programme of work, let’s pace ourselves. Let’s stop and think about what riches we have available and where we want to go. It’s not the time to sow the seeds right now, so let’s take a step back and reflect.
And let’s be kind to ourselves.
We’ve spent the last 18 months dealing with chronic uncertainty.
Let’s all try and be realistic and discerning about priorities and timescales as we put our plans together.
Slow and steady wins the race.

In your experience what gets in the way of slowing down and taking the time out to reflect? And what helps?

If you would like someone to think or talk through how you might approach this in your organisation, then contact me.