The power of fun

We underestimate the power of fun to unlock creativity, break down barriers and build rapport.  It makes us feel good.  Helps to build resilience.  Connects teams together.  

How have you enabled the team-building, networking chat, joking about the latest instalment of last night’s TV show or the weekend activities, now that meetings are either remote or a hybrid mix?

Flexible working is here to stay and that mustn’t mean that there’s no space for fun in your team dynamic.  It may need to be more consciously factored in, and it doesn’t need to (nor should it) feel forced or fake.  

We may all have become jaded with some online interactions, having OD’d on Zoom pub quizzes during lockdown. Yet ensuring there is genuine interactivity in online meetings is one way of keeping everyone engaged. Whether it is using emoticons, creating polls, setting up short quizzes, even playing buzzword bingo, are all potential routes to build better connections.

This may come easily to you, and if it doesn’t?

Adding some fun into the workplace helps to encourage creativity, builds stronger bonds and engagement.  It’s part of my coaching style.  Find out more about my approach.