One-to-one corporate coaching for executives with high potential. Creative and challenging to support and stretch each individual to achieve more than you imagine is possible.​

Leadership team development. Coaching individually and as a group to stimulate, challenge, support and enable high performing teams, particularly those going through significant change.

Individual and group sessions with other coaches. Inspiring, enhancing your coaching capability and toolkit and building business development skills.



Kathryn Pope, known to friends, colleagues and clients as KP, is an executive and leadership coach of the highest calibre. Her coaching style is fun, creative and inspiring, but be in no doubt that she will challenge and stretch you to achieve more.

When you have KP by your side, you have someone you can trust to listen, who understands the challenges you face, who can act as a sounding board for ideas and put forward other points of view and who can help you see the positive in any situation.


KP is a Professional Certified Coach and has been coaching for the past 20 years. As a coach KP works one-to-one with the most senior leaders in global organisations enabling them to exceed even their most stretching goals. She also works with boards and senior teams to dramatically improve their performance individually and collectively.

KP has experience living and working with people who are neurodiverse. She has a track record of successfully coaching neurodiverse leaders, helping them to thrive in all situations.

Prior to becoming a coach KP spent 12 years client side in global organisations. As an ex-Marketing Director she has a deep understanding of commercial and leadership challenges along with excellent communication and influencing skills. KP's coaching style is informal and fun, with a firm focus on her clients achieving their goals. She is energetic, skilled, extroverted and intuitive, and often uses metaphors and analogies.

KP is passionate about the coaching profession. She has worked tirelessly in the UK, EMEA and globally to help build the visibility, profile and rigour of this emerging field. She was a volunteer leader for over 10 years with the International Coach Federation (ICF) - THE global coaching professional body; President of the UK chapter for 2 years; elected as a member of the 5-person Regional Advisory Council for the EMEA region; member of various global committees and the Chair of ICF Global 2012 – the first ICF Global conference to be held outside of the Americas. She has travelled around the world speaking, training and supporting the development of the profession and of coaches.

She is committed to supporting the development of the capabilities and skills of the wider coach community, and offers coach supervision to other coaches to help them develop their skills and practice.


Resilience is the ability to re-shape and adapt to change. In the workplace resilience is closely correlated to wellbeing AND performance - removing the 'either/or' that previously existed.

KP is an accredited Resilience Dynamic coach and uses their tools, dashboards and coaching solutions to help her clients refresh and build their workplace resilience (both as individuals and within teams).

Lumina Spark is a psychometric that provides a useful, accurate and personalised reading of an individual's strengths and developmental areas.

It provides three lenses that assess your underlying persona, your everyday persona, and your overextended persona, to give you consistent insights into your whole personality.

KP often uses LuminaSpark to help increase self-awareness and she uses it within her coaching assignments to encourage individuals to understand how they can work better with others, cope better with stress and become better leaders.

MetaTeam is a tool based around the 8 inner and outer habits of high-performing teams.

KP uses MetaTeam with teams who are striving for exceptional performance. By focusing on the team habits that really matter, KP can help unlock the team's potential.

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