Easing in to 2021

2021 – is it ok to slowly ease ourselves in? Asking for a friend????


So here we are in 2021

I hope you managed to rest and recuperate over the festive period and enjoy some relaxed, quality time with your nearest and dearest. The Pope household had a good time: Kids home from Uni, good food (much of it home-grown), a significant quantity of alcohol and chocolate, fresh air and country walks, books read, music, board and card games played and a lot laughter.

It was chilled, and I shut off my computer and social media and stopped for a fortnight.


And this first week in January, I find that I am still tired, and feel less rested than I had hoped or expected. 

And I know that I am not alone.

I took down and packed up the Christmas decorations on Monday and allowed myself to be ok with where I am right now. 

Many of us are still drained. 

However, healthy, active, mindful we have been, 2020 was a challenging year, and we are still in a challenging situation, with no clear end in sight. We are not out of the woods yet, and it is ok to be jaded and disappointed with the situation we find ourselves in.

So, I am continuing to be gentle with myself. To acknowledge where my energy levels are at and ease myself into the year.

I have not yet taken my time out to consciously and fully reflect on 2020 – the highs, the achievements, the learning, the developments.

I am also still to set all my intentions, goals and focus for 2021

These are worthwhile, important processes for us all, powerful rituals to enable us to fully develop, focus and thrive. 

And they do not have to be done by a critical deadline of the turning of the year.

They are best to be done when they feel right to be done. And I know I will complete them by the end of January.

So, if this is where you are at right now too, then let yourself ease in as you enter the year as well. If it is the same for your people, then help them do likewise.

We will all get there. Stay present with yourself, and it will happen sooner.

And if you would like a partner with you as you explore and think, feel free to drop me an email.