Have faith that Spring is coming…

Spring is a time of new beginnings.  We’ve all been through the darkness of winter, and significant amounts of change. We all still face challenges ahead, and, it’s important to look forward, with purpose and positivity.  Enabling your team to have the space to move through the change curve through shock, anger and denial is important.  So is recognising the need for acceptance and encouraging them to have faith in the process.

As a gardener, I am used to having to have faith in a vision and strategy, even if it is a little blurry.  When you design a new garden space, or simply plan some small changes by planting spring bulbs in the autumn it often isn’t clear what will emerge. There are bleak times during the winter, when you have started landscaping and cleared the land, when you start to doubt whether the plan will work.  It is at these times that you need to trust in your design and have patience that with perseverance and dedication, a beautiful border of Spring colour or new garden will flourish as the seasons change.

Have you set out a clear vision to your staff and realigned objectives to meet these new goals?  Do you have clear, open communication channels to share and gather feedback from your team? Is it ok to discuss fears and worries when things are uncertain?Now is a time for new beginnings.  Look for green shoots and encourage your team to have faith that summer is on the horizon.  I can help to support you to develop healthy team dynamics and have proven success developing positive, high functioning teams.