Make time to build your resilience reserves

Resilience – where does yours come from?  What supports it? What refreshes it?

None of us have endless reserves.  We need to work on topping it up, consistently. 

Ideally this can be done, like a squirrel preparing for winter, during times of plenty rather than waiting until burnout is fast approaching. 

What can help?  It really depends on you. 

One useful element is ‘Being’. This can be healthy eating, regular exercising, crafting, dancing, singing, reading, enjoying a cup of tea with friends. Things that you enjoy for you. One thing for me is gardening.  Time outside surrounded by nature and focused on nurturing seeds into colourful plants and edible delights, helps me to switch off , ground myself and recharge.

As a leader, what can you do to encourage the on-going attention on resilience and ensure you  avoid any risk of burnout in your team? 

Do your working practices encourage a healthy work-life balance?  Do your people feel confident to talk about their concerns and challenges?  Do you have open, transparent communication channels designed to listen to and act on feedback?

I’m accredited Resilience Dynamic coach and use their tools, dashboards and coaching solutions to help my clients refresh and build their workplace resilience.