Breaking through the bias on #IWD2022

Look around you today and reflect on your own biases and assumptions. Start to challenge them.

Confidence does not equal capability.
Strong assertions do not equal a compelling argument or truth.
Power does not equal good leadership.

So often the value that a female perspective brings to a situation is disparaged, shouted down or dismissed without consideration.
So often the collaborative, connected, practical, common sense approach of women is ignored.
Women are far less likely to posture and preen, preferring to get stuck into sorting things out (often quietly behind the scenes).
Women more often sort out the practical, unglamorous issues that need to be resolved to get things done.
Women are less likely to look for profile and glory – and consequently they’re more likely to have their achievements co-opted and claimed by others.

On this #IWD2022 – I will challenge gender stereotypes, discrimination and bias. How will you?