Listen, don’t assume.

Many businesses are starting to come back together – returning to the office, organising face-to-face meetings, working out how a ‘new normal’ will play out in their organisation. 

There will be new faces who will have joined a team in the midst of the pandemic and have never physically met their new colleagues before. They will have to work out where they fit in the team dynamics. It’s also easy to think that the familiar faces in the team come with the same attitude, the same opinions as they had before, but things have changed, people have changed. 

My view? Stop and re-set.  

Take the time to enable the team to re-discover themselves, individually and collectively. Create a safe space to explore how everyone is feeling.  Get beneath the surface. Listen to each other and don’t make assumptions. Accept that things have changed and work together to re-build the foundations for a high performing, resilient team that will be able to forge ahead confidently and weather the next storm whenever it arrives.If you would like someone to think or talk through how you might approach this in your organisation, give me a call.

How do you create a space for your people to have honest, open and powerful conversations?